Muhammad Part 1

I’ve been reading a very good book called No god but God by Reza Aslan and he talks about the history, evolution and future of Islam.  He talks about a couple of good stories about the Prophet Muhammad that I would like to share.  I was raised as a Catholic and even though I don’t practice it, I still identify as one.  I am genuinely interested in Islam and am always interested in learning more about the religion.

The Prophet Muhammad, was not very well liked by a group in Mecca called the Quraysh and one night they decided that, the next night, they would appoint one man from every family to enter his home at night and stab him with a sword simultaneously killing him.  Muhammad learned about this plan the night before, so he was prepared.  The plan?  His friend, Ali, slept in Muhammad’s bed that night pretending to be him while Muhammad and Abu Bakr (Muhammad’s father-in-law) snuck out of the house and hid in a cave.  the Quraysh were angry when they found Ali in the bed and not Muhammad, so they put a bounty on Muhammad’s head.  For three days, Muhammad and Abu Bakr hid in the cave and once the Quraysh’s hunt for him had settled down, Muhammad and Abu Bakr left the cave at night into the desert returning to their home Yathrib.

I’m not exactly sure why I found this story so interesting but I just did.  Something that may be interesting to know is that right before this, Muhammad’s wife Khadija and his uncle/protector Abu Talib died.  Abu Talib was essential in Muhammad’s survival at the time.  Abu Talib was the reason why Muhammad was not attacked for many years; he was the reason why he could preach and pray in public in the city of Mecca; and Khadija always supported him.  Losing those two was a huge blow to Muhammad yet he still persevered.

While reading this story on a plane, I simply found it remarkable.  This may be boring or lame, but I do enjoy these readings and I will continue to write about it.  There is more to come.


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