When I was younger, I would always say that I wanted to live in California or New York or Spain but when I went to Miami, that was the first time that I actually believed I could live there.  In the five days I was in Miami, I could actually see myself moving there after graduation.  I realized how tired I was of the snow and how much I really wanted to live by South Beach.

When I went to visit my family in Singapore, I also said that I wanted to live there but the truth is that it won’t happen.  It’s not right for me.  Yeah it’s a nice place to visit time to time but I can’t live there.  Again, when I was younger I would always say I wanted to live here or there but I don’t think I was every serious.  Miami was different.

After I graduate, I’m going to move to Miami.  Even if I don’t have a job there yet, I’ll find one somewhere.  I just know that Miami is where I want to end up.  It’s a beautiful city, it’s close to Puerto Rico and I know there are plenty of jobs there.  I’ll find something.  But for now, I have to focus on doing well in school so I can secure a job (hopefully in Miami) after college.


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