Syrian Refugees…

Over the past few years, there has been a crisis happening in Syria because of the several wars going on between Bashar al-Assad, ISIS, the Free Syrian Army, the U.S., Russia and now France.  Thousands of innocent lives , mostly women and children, are just trying to flee a war-torn country and many governors and politicians in the U.S. want to prevent them from coming onto our soil.

A couple weeks ago, ISIS attacked Paris, France by targeting a concert theatre, a soccer stadium and several restaurants killing at least 129 people.  Eight of the nine suspects have been confirmed as EU citizens, the ninth suspect was found with a fake Syrian passport.  As a result, US politicians have become more paranoid of Syrian refugees than ever before.  France, the victim of these attacks, has just opened their borders to accept 30,000 more Syrian refugees.  They understand that thousands of innocent families and lives are just trying to live a normal and safe life but because of how things have played out between ISIS, the Assad regime and US and Russian airstrikes, they realize that is not possible in their home.  It sickens me that there are adults who do not understand that these refugees fear the same people we are afraid of.  The majority of these Syrian refugees are women and children.  And we want to deny a safe home for them to live normal lives?  By doing so, those families will die in Syria and Iraq.

I was brought to tears by this just a few weeks ago.  I was overwhelmed by how the events unfolded.  I am extremely passionate about human rights and social justice and seeing how these refugees are being treated…it truly saddens me.  What I find most stressful is the fact that there is nothing I can do to help them.  I know there are thousands seeking refuge, seeking a new home, a new life yet we have all these elected ‘leaders’ in power and they don’t seem to care at all.  I was overwhelmed, I was stressed, and I was tired.  There was nothing I could do.

What these politicians ignore is that denying entry for these refugees is exactly what ISIS wants.  By forcing them to stay there, we allow ISIS to roam around poor refugee camps throughout Syria and recruit new soldiers, the majority of whom are young boys.  Hearing of these families being torn apart again brings tears to my eyes.  The most I can do now is educate others around me about what is going on.

I’m not going to lie, I’m scared for what is going to happen in the future for those living in Syria and Iraq.  I want to help them.  I feel like I need to help them, and I will.  But for the time being, I should focus on my schoolwork, extracurriculars and if I have time, educate on the side.

I am not finished with this post, trust me.  This is a topic that I will continue to touch base on.  This is just the start.


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